Social Programme

Discover the ICAS VII tour programme:

On October 26th at 7 pm: a Welcome Cocktail on the panoramic roof top of the FAO headquarter building (for all participants – cost included in the conference fee);

On October 27th: a Gala Dinner in the prestigious venue of Villa Giulia

How to Book & Policies

Online Booking
You may book any event from the social programme through the online registration form.
If you have already registered for the ICAS VII Conference and you’re interested in booking an event or cancelling a reservation, please contact us at

Welcome Cocktail

Wednesday, October 26 th – 07.00 pm

The Welcome Cocktail will be provided for all participants on the roof top of the FAO headquarter building, with a wonderful view of the ancient Roman Forum.

Welcome Cocktail at FAO roof top

Gala Dinner at Villa Giulia and visit of the Etruscan Museum

Thursday, October 27 th – 07.00 pm

The tour involves a private visit of the National Etruscan Museum and its collections followed by the Gala Dinner held in Villa Giulia.

National Etruscan MuseumThe National  Etruscan Museum (Italian: Museo Nazionale Etrusco) is a museum of the Etruscan civilization, located in Villa Giulia. The museum’s most famous single treasure is the terracotta funerary monument of the life-size Bride and Groom (the so-called Sarcofago degli Sposi, or Sarcophagus of the Spouses) reclining as if they were at a dinner party. Other objects held are the Etruscan Phoenician Pyrgi Tablets, the Apollo of Veii, the Cista Ficoroni, a reconstructed frieze displaying Tydeus eating the brain of his enemy Melanippus, the Tita Vendia vase, the Sarpedon krater (or, the “Euphronios krater”), the Centaur of Vulci.

Social Dinner Villa GiuliaVilla Giulia was built for pope Julius III, for whom it was named after. It remained in papal property until 1870, when, in the wake of the Risorgimento and the demise of the Papal States, it became the property of the Kingdom of Italy. The museum was founded in 1889 as part of the same nationalistic movement, with the aim of collecting together all the preRoman antiquities of Latium, southern Etruria and Umbria belonging to the Etruscan and Faliscan civilizations, and has been housed in the villa since the beginning of the 20th century.
Gala Dinner at Villa Giulia and visit of the Etruscan Museum
Thursday, October 27 th
• 07.15 pm: visit of the National Etruscan Museum
• 08.30 pm: Gala Dinner in Villa Giulia
Meeting point: Main entrance of the of the National Etruscan Museum – Piazzale di Villa Giulia, 9 at 07.00 pm
Price per person: € 70,00 + VAT 10%.

Optional Tours for Accompanying Persons

Accompanied walk and lunch in the jewish Ghetto of Rome
Thursday, October 27 th – 10.30 am
Meeting point: Castel Sant Angelo main entrance at 10,30 am.
Price per person: € 57,00 (22% VAT included).

ghettoFrom Castel Sant’Angelo, way through Via dei Banchi Vecchi, Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Farnese and Piazzetta Mattei with explanation of the city.
Lunch in a typical restaurant of the ancient “Ghetto”.
This tour will offer you the opportunity to visit the Jewish Ghetto with its complex variety of history, architecture and tradition.
It’s one of the most fascinating areas of Rome, one with the highest number of examples of Roman and Medieval architecture – out of the very few – that still stand in Rome.

The visit includes:
• Tour Leader
• Official Guide of Rome
• Lunch in a typical Roman restaurant

The visit will only be held with a minimum number of 20 people. Mandatory reservation.

Walking in the heart of Rome in search of sinister stories and obscure crimes
Friday, October 28 th – 10.30 am
Meeting point: Castel Sant’Angelo main entrance at 10,30 am.
Price per person: € 20 (22% VAT included).

sinisterA suggestive walk from Ponte S. Angelo to Ponte Sisto, passing through Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori. The trip will allow us to relive the lives of famous characters such as Beatrice Cenci, Giordano Bruno, Alessandro VI Borgia and Umberto I di Savoia. The urban scenario, made of squares, small lanes and fragments of a Rome which does not exist anymore, embraces the area with an aura of mystery and magic, making it a must see.
The walk will end with a typical Italian pizza and beer.

The visit includes:

• Tour Leader
• Official Guide of Rome (an art historian which will guide us through the spots where many great lives were tragically ended).

The visit will only be held with a minimum of 25 people. Mandatory reservation.

Post Congress Tour – The Christian Rome

Saturday, October 29th (whole day) and Sunday, October 30th (morning)
Meeting point on October 29th: Main entrance of the Vatican Museums at 9.00 am.
Meeting point on October 30th: Via Cavour (in front of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore) at 9.00 am.
Mandatory reservation.
Price per person: € 94 (22% VAT included).

pc_01October 29th (morning): VATICAN MUSEUMS
Guided tour of the Vatican Museums: the Pio Clementino Museum, the Upper Galleries, Raphael’s Rooms and the Sistin Chapel.


San Nicola in Carcere, a church dating 1599, hosts an antique basalt bath containing the relics of martyrs. In the crypt there are the remains from the Temple of Juno Sospita, which is one of the very few temples in existence from the Republican era of Rome.
The fourth-century basilica of San Clemente, with its magnificent frescoes and its twelfth-century mosaic of the Cross as the Tree of Life, was once a pagan temple.

pc_03October 30th (morning): CHRISTIAN ROME AND THE ART OF MOSAIC

Walk through the popular city district of Monti with special attention to the beautiful medieval mosaics that are in the churches of this corner of the city. The tour will start from the meeting point and will begin from the hidden church of Santa Pudenziana, where we will admire the splendid mosaic of the fourth century. A must is then the Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, real triumph of Roman and medieval mosaics, which, in addition to one of the four Holy Doors, contains the holy relic of the manger that was the first cradle of Jesus.
We will then visit the church of Santa Praxedes, with its furnitures and the incredible chapel of Zeno, with glittering Carolingian mosaics of the ninth century.
In the end, we will go to the church of San Pietro in Vincoli which, according the tradition, hosts the chains the apostle Peter was imprisoned with, and where we will admire the famous Moses of Michelangelo.

The visit includes:

• English speaking Tour Leader
• English speaking Official Guide of Rome
• Entrance tickets for Vatican Museums, San Clemente and San Nicola In Carcere and its crypt
• Taxi from San Nicola to San Clemente

The tour will only be held with a minimum of 20 participants. An individual invoice will be released.